Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Family", new 6000 from Grow

Added a new puzzle to the list.
I'm talling about the 6000 pieces from Grow, with the same size and format of the previous 6000 from Grow (called Vatican).

The artist of the puzzle is Romero Britto, a brazilian painter and sculptor. He combines elements of stereotypical cubism, pop art and graffiti painting in his work. He currently lives in Miami, Florida, where you can see his work in many parts of the city. If you like the picture, but scares the number of pieces, Grow has several puzzles with the works of Romero Brittos and fewer pieces.

For now, there are few data of the puzzle, is only published that measures 105 x 155 cms. A normal size for a 6000, so we anticipate that the size of the pieces will be normal, and not as in the 8000 Grow, which are mini.
The box has a common sizes in large Grow puzzles, 38,0x38,0x8,0 cm. And although not published, we can estimate a similar weight to the other 6000 puzzle from Grow (2,226 g) .

Now you can buy on the web shop of Grow, let's see who is the first to get it and tells us about it!!!!