Friday, July 15, 2016

Another unexpected discovery

Flickr group "The BIG Jigsaw Puzzle Collection" has become my source of information for the discovery of large rare or unknown puzzles. As I said several times, the user silberfuchs64 has compiled a list of all known puzzles 5,000 pieces or more. And many users help to complete, with ancient puzzles that we discover.

And this is the case, a puzzle of 6,000 pieces of japanese brand Tenyo, and so far we did not know of its existence.

The image of the puzzle (Mickey and Minnie Mouse) is not usual in puzzles for adults, and especially for a big puzzle, but I think it has its charm.
The puzzle appeared recently at an auction of a page of Japanese sales, and few data are known; It comes in 4 bags and seems to originate from the 1980s or early '90s.
Dimensions, 168x120 are really great for a puzzle of 6000 pieces, and more for a Japanese puzzle (only surpassed by the map of Central Hobby with 219x102)
The Japanese title is "ク リ ス タ ル な 想 い 出," which google translates as "Crystal of memories" in English or "Cristal de recuerdos" in Spanish.
The reference number is 6000 980 D.

Soon I will add it to the list, and I will generate the corresponding record.

New Clementoni 6000: Again "The Castle"

Yes, you read that right, another puzzle of the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. In this case Clementoni and 6000 pieces.

At least they have changed the point of view of the image and show us another perspective of the castle in the sunrise or sunset.

Soon I will add it to the list, and I will generate the corresponding record.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

More information about the new 40,000 Ravensburger

If you want to be the first to have the puzzle and you have 399 euros to spend, you can already book it at

According to the information displayed on that page, it seems that Ravensburger will change its policy and this time will indicate in the box the exact number of pieces, so this will be a 40,320 piece and not a 40,000 pieces, as we all expected.

They also appear on amazon, images of each of the 10 panels of the puzzle. Click here to go and see them. I leave here too, just in case the item disappear in a future. Click on the images to see a larger size.