Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Getting to know details of the new 40,000 Ravensburger

Although there is no official release date, are becoming known data of the "new world's largest puzzle".

A few days ago I came across a picture of a catalog that appeared some facts of the puzzle.

According to the image, the initially introduced motive is manteined, although Ravensburger said that the motive was not definitive.
The dimensions are 680 x 192 cms. That is, it has the same height as the 32,000 pieces puzzles edited some years ago. As for the long ... who does not have at home a wall of 7 meters long with no doors or windows to expose the puzzle?
The exact number of pieces is 40,320 pieces.
And the box is 90 x 40 x 25 cms. I don't know if it comes with wheels or not, but certainly with almost a meter long, it doesn't fit anywhere.
And the reference number is, # 17826 1. Luckily Ravens have decided not to repeat numbers, as if it has happened with the new 9000.

So far the certain data. But from them we can speculate and try to figure out the rest.
If Ravensburger continues the trend of previous years, and it seems that yes, the puzzle will come in 10 bags of 4032 pieces, each with a Disney scene. The pattern most likely be the same for the two previous 32,000, therefore talking about a pattern of 28 rows by 36 columns, repeated 4 times vertically and 10 times horizontally (4x10).
Ultimately the cut is the same as in the 32000, by adding a section.

As for the motive of the puzzle ... Personally I like more the puzzles that are not divided into sections, such as "Life", but it is undeniable that this one, despite being divided into 10 very clear sections, has its appeal, simply because they represent some of the most iconic films of Disney.

You can see all the data on the appropriate record, "Unforgettable Moments Disney".