Friday, September 26, 2014

We started!!!

What are the largest puzzles of the world? How are they? How large are? How long does it take? ... This blog tries to answer these and many other questions about the  largest jigsaw puzzles of the world.

What is considered a big puzzle? Depends on who you ask; for some a 2,000 pieces puzzle is already large, while for others everything that has fewer than 10,000 pieces is small. For my part, I consider "large" everything that has 6,000 or more pieces; So here you will find from 6,000 pieces up to the largest of the moment. At the time of creating this blog, the larger the "Wild Life" Educate to 33,600 pieces.

Today we are talking about more than 135 puzzles, and every year manufacturers release new "big boys" so the task is enormous and endless. So any help, information, input, review, etc. that you can do, it will be welcome.

I hope the blog will prove interesting, It certainly helps me to be distracted.

Best regards.

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