Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What is to come

In the next month of September, 3 new puzzles of more than 6000 pieces are expected.

On the one hand there will be a new 9000 by Ravensburger titled in Spanish "Los alegres minions" with reference number # 17808 7.

Little fortunate translation to my understanding and surely referred to as "The minions". I honestly do not get too excited, I think they could have gotten much more out of the Minions. And as it could not be otherwise, we continue with the central zipper more than evident.

Also waiting for a new 18,000 Ravensburger with a Star Wars motif that has not yet been published. The only thing that is known until now is this image of the Nuremberg International Toy Fair that arrives to us thanks to Aepuzz.

As it happened with the 9000 of the Minions, the image that is shown is not the definitive one and will have to wait for its commercialization in September to know the definitive image. This is a good opportunity to make a best-selling puzzle, considering that fans of Star Wars worldwide are millions. Let's see if they do not shit.

Last but not least, the new "Biggest Puzzle in the World", a puzzle of 48000 pieces of the brand Grafika (new in this of the big puzzles) with dimensions of 7.68 x 2.04 meters.

This "Biggest Puzzle in the World" is getting out of hand for several reasons.
First, who has in his house a wall of more than seven and a half meters wide and two high, with no holes and no furniture to place it?
Second, is it so difficult to make a "Life" or "Wild Life" style puzzle, that does not look like a collage of several linked puzzles? Obviously if you mix the bags is a challenge in full rule, but if you do not mix them is to do 24 puzzles of 2000 pieces.
Surely many will buy it, purely collector or because a monument comes out of our city or country. But with the above inconveniences, and with a price that will be around 400 $ I do not think it will sell much.
In favor of Grafika I will say that the colors of the puzzle (at least in the images) I find very beautiful and should be pleasant to puzzle.
Ah, I forgot a "little thing" ... of course, the famous Neuschwanstein castle appears. I would like to know how many jigsaws have been made with this motive ... they must be thousands.
And a curiosity to finish ... It is delivered in a large travel bag of 100 liters!

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