Monday, July 23, 2018

Magnetic holding of puzzles (or how to easily hang your big puzzles) - IV

In the previous post we already had the puzzle and the wall ready to hang. Now you just have to take each one of the plates, place it on the wall joining it with the previous one and you're done!

If you are hanging a "small" puzzle, let's say 6000-8000 pieces or smaller, surely you will not have problems, but with bigger puzzles divided into many plates, you may have lace problems, because the lace slacks can play in your against and the last plates may not fit well.

To avoid these problems, there are some little tricks:

  • Do not divide it in many places (you will have slack problems for sure), or in a few (they will be very large plates and it will cost you to position them well).
  • Divide the puzzle by zippers; this way they will suffer less the unions and will allow you to fit and undo more easily.
  • Make sure to place the first perfectly horizontal section, especially with very large puzzles, if you do not want the puzzle to be twisted at the end of the assembly.
  • Hang full vertical sections, instead of hanging plate to plate.

This last point is the fundamental trick so that hanging the puzzle be easy. To do this, join the parts that form a vertical section on the floor, and fasten them from behind with a little removable lining (a strip of 2 cm wide is enough), so that when moving the vertical section does not dislodge. This way it is super easy to mount it and you save problems of fit between sections. With this trick, I hung the "Life" in less than 5 minutes !!!!

Here I show you an example of what I mean by "vertical sections" in which you can see 2 vertical sections of "Life", and 3 vertical sections of the "Views", both divided by zippers.

And this is the final result, once all the parts are hanged:
24.000 - Educa - Life

12.000 - Schmidt - Beautiful View

It really is a laborious process, but the day you want to pick up and save your puzzle you can do it without problems, and easily change it for another one.

If you dare to use this method, I am at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.
And if you manage to improve or simplify the process I would be happy to hear you about it and share it with the rest of the big puzzle lovers!


  1. 24.000 piezas? madre mia... que paciencia!!!

  2. Muy bonitos, yo no puedo hacer puzzles tan grandes, termino dejandolo por ahi en alguna caja